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May 2018

Foundation of RMA Canada

Foundation of RMA Canada In May 2018 RMA has founded „RMA Sales & Services Canada Inc.”. From now on RMA will have an own location in Calgary, province Alberta, that will be dedicated to provide [...]

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December 2017

Termination of the company Niwatec GmbH

Termination of the company Niwatec GmbH Niwatec GmbH ceases its operations. The entire business of NIWATEC GmbH is transferred to RMA Kehl GmbH & Co. KG. We are convinced that by this step we offer [...]

March 2017

MEOS in Bahrain

MEOS in Bahrain RMA Middle East participated in the MEOS’17 in Bahrain as an exhibitor by showcasing our new products and services along with our current manufacturing capabilities. The exhibition was held at the Bahrain [...]

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