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We trust in hydrogen

There is no way around hydrogen when it comes to the energy transition. At RMA, we were early adopters of hydrogen. Our H2-Loop, the high-pressure test bench, has been launched to calibrate and verify hydrogen gas meters. The H2-Loop completes our calibration facility. Our fittings, such as gate valves, ball valves and insulation joints, can also be used with hydrogen. Together with SGS TÜV Saar (Technical Inspection Association), a test program has been developed especially for this purpose. The RMA valves were successfully tested according to DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) ZP4110.

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We create progress, together

Join us on the path to a sustainable energy system transformation with innovative solutions and smart products. We are open and interested in challenging customer requirements and work together to find flexible, customized solutions. Even after 50 years in the market, we constantly expand our knowledge and participate in public research projects with leading academic institutions.

RMA – a strong partner for the hydrogen industry

In addition to first-class products, we offer comprehensive advice and support. Contact us and benefit from the expertise of the members of our RMA corporate group.

Interested in calibrating gas meters with the H2-Loop or TwinLoop, our hydrogen project, or our hydrogen-compatible products? Find out more.