RMA Measuring and Control Technology

RMA Measuring and Control Technology was put on the market in 2008 as an independent company.

This step was the logic development of the former department “Measuring technology and Control technology” which had already done research for many years.

RMA Gas Pressure Regulators are very well accepted by our clients and have already been used in a very reliable manner for years now. Developed for measuring important quantities of gas, the ECOSONIC X12 ultrasonic gas meter can be purchased as of 2011. Due to its complexity, flexibility as well as other advantages, the ECOSONIC has quickly found its market and is used in order to achieve a modern, intelligent measurement.

However, RMA could already take on measurement technology tasks and work out first-class, competent, and tailor-made solutions for each customer’s needs.

RMA Measuring and Control Technology GmbH & Co. KG has its head office in Rheinau.

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