HEAT gas technologies GmbH

Since 01.10.2020, CeH4 technologies GmbH has taken over the majority shares of the company HEAT Wärmetechnische Anlagen Gesellschaft mbH and now belongs to the RMA Group.
Since its market launch in 1984, HEAT wärmetechnische Anlagen Gesellschaft mbH has been the leading company in Austria for natural gas systems and in equipment technology and for decades worldwide in the supply of fuel gas for power plants. HEAT offers solutions, starting with engineering, manufacturing, delivery and installation up to commissioning and service of the plants.

HEAT wärmetechnische Anlagen Gesellschaft mbH was renamed during the incorporation into the RMA Group to HEAT gas technologies GmbH based in Biedermannsdorf, Austria.


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HEAT gas technologies GmbH 
Siegfried Marcus-Straße 9
2362 Biedermannsdorf