RMA Poland

Our plant in Chojnów was founded in 1996 on a greenfield site.

Once it was planned for this plant to act as a supplier for the German plants. However, the company quickly established itself as a supplier to companies all over Europe for everything from single parts (swivelling parts and milled parts) to complete modules. This was only possible because of the guaranteed high quality of the products, which were always delivered punctually and provided a good value.

The motivated team is certainly another central factor for this success as they are hungry for success and endued with an above-average awareness of quality.

For further details, we’ll take you directly to Chojnów.


Tel.: +48 7 68 19 12 32
Fax: +48 7 68 19 13 12
Email: rma-polska@lg.home.pl
Homepage: http://www.rma.com.pl


“RMA POLSKA” sp. z o. o.
ul. Łużycka 14
59-225 Chojnów