Our understanding

RMA Pipeline Equipment is designed for safe and reliable use with hydrogen, completetd by smart measurement and control technology. Guidelines such as DVGW G406, which regulates the requirements for new gas fittings in H2 applications for gas transport, gas distribution and gas installation. In addition test programs have been developed in cooperation with the Technical Inspection Association SGS T├ťV Saar to ensure the saftey we all need.

RMA fittings are hydrogen compatible. This applies to  both materials or components as well as function (tightness).

RMA – we create progress

For many years already, RMA is well-known for natural gas applications . Now, we used all our expertise to develop H2-compatible products. Knowing that hydrogen differs from natural gas in terms of chemical and physical properities, hydrogen can be handled safely. Hence, hydrogen can be used as an energy carrier or in chemcial processes.

RMA ÔÇô we put hydrogen to work

H2-compatible according to DVGW ZP4110:

Ball Valves

House Connectors (fixed and flexible)

Steel Ball Valves Type HKSF 

PE-Ball Valves

Insulation Joints Type IK / IKL / ET

Rotary Valves

Gate Valves

H2-compatibility ensure safe use.

Hydrogen Product Testings

Testing the shaft seal (ball valve, side view), Testing the shaft seal (ball valve, top view), leak test on extension (ball valve), insulation joint in climate chamber, test device (Helium / H2), H2-pressure gauge (110 bar)

Do you like to calibrate gas meters for hydrogen or natural gas? Learn out more about our H2-Loop or TwinLoop. Research is important, find out more about our activities. Do you need more information, just contact us.