R + I Rohr- und Industrieanlagen GmbH

Since 01.10.2020, CeH4 technologies GmbH has taken over the majority shares of the company R + I Rohr- und Industrieanlagen GmbH and now belongs to the RMA Group.

R+I Rohr- und Industrieanlagen GmbH was founded in Austria in 1996 and is a renowned industrial plant construction company. Locally in Austria and in neighbouring countries, R+I offers as a service provider tailor-made industrial piping construction, industrial plant installation and optimisation tasks.


For any question please turn to

E-Mail: ri@heatgroup.at
Phone: +43 2236 710429
Fax: +43 2236 710429 900



R+I Rohr- und Industrieanlagen GmbH 
Siegfried Marcus-Stra├če 9
2362 Biedermannsdorf