February 2021

EVB Technik GmbH

2021-02-18T15:38:42+01:0016. February 2021|

EVB Technik GmbH The company EVB Technik GmbH is member of the RMA group since 01.01.2021. For further details, we'll take you directly to the EVB Technik website, please click here.   For any questions please turn to Email: info@evb-technik.de Phone: +49 2051 800 75 0 Fax: +49 2051 800 75 30   Address EVB [...]

R + I Rohr- und Industrieanlagen GmbH

2021-02-16T15:23:32+01:0016. February 2021|

R + I Rohr- und Industrieanlagen GmbH Since 01.10.2020, CeH4 technologies GmbH has taken over the majority shares of the company R + I Rohr- und Industrieanlagen GmbH and now belongs to the RMA Group. R+I Rohr- und Industrieanlagen GmbH was founded in Austria in 1996 and is a renowned industrial plant construction company. Locally [...]

HEAT gas technologies GmbH

2021-02-16T15:45:23+01:0016. February 2021|

HEAT gas technologies GmbH Since 01.10.2020, CeH4 technologies GmbH has taken over the majority shares of the company HEAT Wärmetechnische Anlagen Gesellschaft mbH and now belongs to the RMA Group. Since its market launch in 1984, HEAT wärmetechnische Anlagen Gesellschaft mbH has been the leading company in Austria for natural gas systems and in equipment [...]

CeH4 technologies GmbH

2021-02-18T15:38:36+01:0016. February 2021|

CeH4 technologies GmbH At the beginning of 2020, CeH4 technologies GmbH was integrated into the RMA group of companies. CeH4 was founded in Celle in 2006 and currently has over 90 employees. Over the years, the company has developed into one of the leading companies in plant technology for the biogas sector. The company is [...]

June 2018

RMA Sales & Services Canada

2019-11-07T08:13:34+01:0013. June 2018|

RMA Sales & Services Canada Since May 2018 we are represented by RMA Sales & Services Canada Inc. in Calgary/Province Alberta. From there, we can provide commercial and technical support to our Canadian customers. Since 2019, larger ball valves can be stored and shipped in an approx. 460 m² warehouse. For all questions about our [...]

April 2016

RMA Rheinau Germany

2022-09-06T09:23:05+02:0028. April 2016|

RMA Rheinau Germany Our success story began in 1969 in our main plant in Rheinau. Today, we are the market leader in the German-speaking market. Our high quality house connections, control units, and steel and polyethylene ball valves are produced in Rheinau. Furthermore, and this applies especially to our main plant in Rheinau: standing still [...]

RMA Kehl Germany

2022-09-06T09:28:41+02:0028. April 2016|

RMA Kehl We are in Kehl since 1980. This site has changed greatly since then and today operates primarily in international project business. This plant mainly produces the large ball valves up to the nominal diameter of DN 1400, but it also produces slide valves, pig traps, adaptors, and insulators. Significantly more than 2/3 of [...]

RMA Measuring and Control Technology Germany

2022-09-06T09:39:39+02:0028. April 2016|

RMA Measuring and Control Technology RMA Measuring and Control Technology was put on the market in 2008 as an independent company. This step was the logic development of the former department "Measuring technology and Control technology" which had already done research for many years. RMA Gas Pressure Regulators are very well accepted by our clients and have already [...]

RMA Training

2018-01-09T15:01:49+01:0028. April 2016|

RMA Training We had many good reasons to found RMA Training. First of all, we are persuaded that long-term success in family-owned and medium-sized companies is only possible with well qualified and motivated employees. RMA Training trains in the industrial, technical, and commercial area focusing on apprenticeships. These have always been very important for RMA - and [...]

RMA Poland

2018-01-09T15:01:49+01:0028. April 2016|

RMA Poland Our plant in Chojnów was founded in 1996 on a greenfield site. Once it was planned for this plant to act as a supplier for the German plants. However, the company quickly established itself as a supplier to companies all over Europe for everything from single parts (swivelling parts and milled parts) to complete [...]

RMA Middle East

2021-11-23T15:05:53+01:0028. April 2016|

RMA Middle East W.L.L. Our plant in Bahrain was founded in 2011 and could go into production as early as 2012. With RMA Middle East, we are able to be even closer to our customers in the Middle East as well as in Asia. The 6,000 sq plant manufactures entire Pipeline Inspection Gauge (PIG) traps [...]

April 2017

RMA Fiventures Asia-Pacific

2020-09-30T09:14:00+02:0010. April 2017|

RMA Fiventures Asia-Pacific RMA Fiventures Asia-Pacific, global HQ and technology owner for specialized system, skid packages and turn key EPCC contractor with complete functional group. The company’s origins Fiventures Pte Ltd was incorporated in year 2012 by a team of business development management and qualified engineers with decades of experience in delivering multiple discipline engineering, [...]

March 2018

RMA North America Inc.

2022-02-09T16:01:38+01:0016. March 2018|

RMA North America Inc. Since December 2013, the RMA has its own sales office in the USA. From Houston, Texas we want to seize the opportunities of the big North American market and look forward to serving our American customers directly from now on. For all questions about our products, including inquiries or offers, please [...]

April 2016

RMA United Kingdom

2020-08-28T11:26:48+02:0028. April 2016|

RMA United Kingdom We have been represented with our own sales subsidiary in one of the most attractive markets in the world since 2006. RMA U.K. serves the United Kingdom as well as the numerous international engineering firms which are located in London. In cooperation with our plants in Kehl and Rheinau, we supply these markets with the usual flexibility [...]

RMA France

2018-10-17T13:56:02+02:0028. April 2016|

RMA France On 1 January 2010, our subsidiary RMA France SAS was founded in order to serve the needs of our French speaking customers. We are glad to be able to offer our know-how and the usual excellent quality to our francophone customers directly from France (Alsace). For all questions please to turn Tel.: +33 [...]