The RMA continues to grow! In 2018, the RMA Middle East will be expanded to include another production building, almost doubling in size.

Since May 2018, we have been represented by RMA Sales & Services Canada Inc. of Calgary, Alberta. From there, we can provide our Canadian customers with commercial and technical support. Since 2019 in a warehouse of approx. 460 m┬▓ larger ball valves can be stored and shipped.

Feinger├Ątebau Tritschler GmbH has also been a new member of the RMA family since January 2018. Since the 1970s, it has mainly produced devices for measuring and remote data transmission for the natural gas and energy supply.

At our Rheinau and Kehl plants we are investing in various new machines. This serves not only to increase the efficiency but also to protect the environment and the health of our employees.