We are ready for hydrogen!

RMA products are 100% H2-compatible: TÜV approved!

RMA is committed to technological progress. That is why RMA has tested its products for hydrogen compatibility. Now we are preparing for tomorrow’s requirements and reaching another milestone in RMA’s history: H2 compatibility.

Together with the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV), we have tested our products for tightness and general hydrogen compatibility with 100% H2 using defined test procedures.

So far, successfully tested have been our ball valves, house connections as well as insulation joints. Further products will be tested in a few weeks.

Our test procedure, which we have developed in cooperation with TÜV, includes the following tests:

  • Material tests
  • Non-destructive tests
  • Preliminary test with water and air (EN 14141)
  • External and internal tightness, tests with 100% hydrogen
    (based on TA-Luft (ISO 15848) – EN 14141)
  • Long term swelling tests with 100% hydrogen

House connection in climatic chamber

Test at 110 bar H2